How are Kratom-related pullback and substance use disorder symptoms treated?


Although the symptoms of withdrawal and substance use disorders associated with kratom use have not been extensively studied, some people who use kratom report experiencing treatment for these conditions. In very limited cases, some investigators have reported using medications44,45,46 and other therapies47 to treat withdrawal and substance use disorder symptoms associated with kratom use in human and animal models41. Evaluate experimental treatment options.

Can Kratom Be Used As Medicine?

NIDA and other NIH agencies support and conduct research to evaluate the potential medicinal uses of kratom kaufen and kratom compounds. Although kratom has not been shown to be safe or effective for any medical purpose, kratom has been used in traditional medicine in some countries1, 18 and many people who use kratom suffer from pain, anxiety, depression, and substance use, which is associated with disability and substance use. 1, 3, 11 Animal model studies suggest that kratom and related compounds may have other therapeutic properties, such as: B. Antidepressant and analgesic properties that may warrant further research.1, 48

Of particular interest to NIDA is the initial study that kratom and kratom compounds require further research as experimental treatments for substance use disorders, particularly opioid use disorders.9, 48 US. NIDA and its partners conduct and support studies to evaluate kratom and related compounds as potential treatments for chronic pain and opioid withdrawal and opioid use disorders. Learn More: How is NIDA Driving Research on Kratom?

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